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  • Black History Month: 5 Not-So-Obvious Black Style Icons

    Miles was incredibly cool, Sammy made girls cry and Kanye…well, everyone needs to just relax about Kanye these days. So, low and behold, a list of black style icons that we can consider our own.

    James Baldwin


    While the amount of press regarding Earnest Hemmingway’s sartorial merits practically rivals his body of work, little is said about James Baldwin. In addition to being a phenomenal writer focused on issues pertaining to the African American and gay communities, he also had great style. Polos with oversized collars, impeccably tailored suits, and a disarmingly massive gap toothed smile were trademarks of a great American author you should have been reblogging by now.

    David Ruffin


    You may not be that familiar with the name, but you definitely know the voice. As the front man of The Temptations, sure, David Ruffin gave them hits, but more importantly (for us, at least), he gave them style. His bold eyewear, big (sometimes permed) hair and bold suits are as distinct as his raspy tenor. Ruffin also gave us one of the greatest album covers to ever exist.

    Dexter and Byron Peart


    Plain and simple, Brothers Peart are tearing up the menswear scene. Their accessories line, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, is shaking up a world full of stuffy messengers and gym bags with beautiful leather briefs and interesting totes. Not just that, these guys can dress, too. You’d be hard pressed to find a picture where Dexter and Byron aren’t putting on a tutorial on fit and sophistication. Oh, and did we mention that you will be able to find WANT right here at Carson Street?

    Bayard Rustin


    We all know Martin Luther King, Jr., but not everyone is familiar with Bayard Rustin. Rustin was an essential piece to the Civil Rights Movement and helped craft King’s message of nonviolence. In addition to the racial Civil Rights Movement, he also fought on behalf of gay rights, being openly gay himself.  Lest we forget, his style was great as well. His slightly disheveled look stands in contrast to the more precise approach of another Civil Rights great, Malcolm X. We’ll save you the time and give you this video of them debating.

    Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh


    If you haven’t seen a picture of Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, then you are doing the Internet wrong. The duo behind Art Comes First are street style regulars and highlight how both taller and shorter men can use proportion to their sartorial advantage. Whether it be suits or shorts, these gents always find someway to make seemingly mundane kits anything but.

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